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An Artist, who happens to make robots. Got a compelling story you're working on and need some material to spice it up? If you want to find out more about the art of robotics, contact me and I will follow up with you shortly.

I love working with journalists around the world to share compelling and unique stories. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk with me or one of my team, please get in touch today!

Imagine 2015 Masterclass

At the 2015 edition of Imagine Film Festival creature designer Mark Setrakian gave masterclass on the movement of robots and puppets.

Setrakian's Art of Robotics

Allison interviews Mark Setrakian about his robotic artwork. Mark describes a robotic hand art piece that deftly manipulates and rotates a globe on the tips of its fingers. The setting is the Engadget Live event in downtown Los Angeles.

Roboticist Mark Setrakian's Axis Robot

For those of you who watched BattleBots, we hoped you noticed one of the coolest robots on the show that never entered the combat arena. Roboticist (and previous BattleBots competitor) Mark Setrakian lent his beautiful Axis robot to the production to use as the trophy podium.

Humanoid Robot Battles!

A Transformation of man and machine as giant mechanical wonders. Mark talks to us from the office of Spectral Motion, the shop where the robots were created. Mark wanted the robots to be the best engineered machines for it's purpose...

Big Bad Robots

Big & Bad is all relative in robotics. Don't judge a robot by its size. Join Robogames founder David Caulkins with roboticists Mark Setrakian (Robot Combat League) and Gui Cavalcanti (MegaBots) and artist Christan Ristow (Hand of Man) to discuss the nuances of what is "big and bad."...

Robot Combat League

From the latest harbinger of the robopocalypse from Boston Dynamics to more friendly looking machines like Romo, Engadget has a longstanding love affair with all forms of robots. Syfy channel's newest show, Robot Combat League (RCL), has provided us with twelve new objects of robotic affection...

Female Figure

Part of an art installation by Jordan Wolfson, the Female Figure is an animatronic robot that dances in front of a large mirror, with uncannily human fluidity. It also tries to make eye contact with spectators that move around it, freaking everyone out in the process...

Robot Combat League Exclusive

Slice of SciFi gains unique access to Mark Setrakian at Spectral Motion. Slice TV producer Brian Hennessey gets up close and personal with Mark's 8 foot tall fighting Robots to see how they're made, what they cost, how they work, and what their weaknesses are...