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The Angel of Death

"It is all the same to me, my heart is filled with dust and sand."

Just as they were during the design phase, the wings also proved to be a challenge to build. They had to house a large number of functions and yet be light enough for the performer to wear. All the wing mechanisms were devised by Mark Setrakian, Scott Millenbaugh and Bud McGrew. The wings could fold, unfurl and flap — through knee-like gears — and the eyes on them were designed to change angle as the wings extended or retracted. “The eyes were placed on mechanisms that allowed them to rotate in relation to the wing movement and remain parallel to the ground,” said Elizalde. “Regardless of the wing position, the eyes remained level; and all the eyes could look around in unison or individually. To give it a little extra touch of magic, Mark Setrakian also incorporated a [software] that would make all the eyes blink sequentially, creating a cascading effect.” The wings were covered in polyvinyl feathers with wire armatures to keep them stiff; the feathers were crafted and mounted on the animatronic wings by Fred Fraleigh. The performer could wear them like a harness.


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